Thursday, June 21, 2007

Battle of the dancing robots

On Wednesday 20 June, a troupe of student-built robots strutted their stuff on the dance floor as more than 100students from western Sydney Catholic schools took part in the inaugural Parramatta Diocesan Robodance Challenge .

The students, from years 5 to 8, worked in teams to design, build and program dancing robots with the help of their teachers and engineer Michael Schofield. During the Robodance Challenge, teams were rewarded for their hard work as their robots strutted their stuff on the dance floor.

The teams used costumes and props to enhance their robots’ performances. Students were also encouraged to dance with their robots. Challenge entries included ‘Dancing Queens’ - a dance-off between duelling cheerleaders from Parramatta Eels and Wests Tigers, bootscooting cowboys, Jaws and James Bond.

The students had a wonderful day. Winning teams were awarded beautiful silver Diocesan Student Achievement medals. It is anticipated that many of the teams will compete again at the NSW State Robocup Competition to be held at the University of NSW on 9-10 August.

The challenge is an innovative way to integrate science, technology and creative arts. The students are required to apply their problem solving skills and creativity across a number of subject areas to design, build and program the Robodancers. It is purposeful learning which is also engaging and fun.

So check out the team photos which were taken on the day!


Lisa Nash said...

Sounds like it was a great day for everyone. What an achievement to design, build and program their Robots. Congratulations Nicole, to you and everyone involved.

Nicole said...

Thank you Lisa

We certainly had a lot of fun - it was a great celebration of our learning!

Nicole :)

Two Whizzy said...

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