Monday, October 01, 2007

Meet the Bee-Bots at NAVCON2K7

This week we will be offering a workshop at the NAVCON2k7 Conference on the NSW Central Coast. Just to get you in the mood and those visual spatial skills and problem solving skills warmed up try this brainteaser.

Did you work it out? Tricky isn't it - especially if you have to perform the translations mentally - without any concrete materials such as paper cut-outs to manipulate. Come along and share your solutions at our workshop on Thursday September 4th at Gosford. Learn about the Bee-bot, an engaging manipulative, which can help build the skills needed to solve this brainteaser.


Bee-bots are programmable floor toys which provide a “hands on” introduction to control technologies and support literacy and numeracy development in early childhood classrooms. Bee-bots also assist in the development of a range of interdisciplinary skills such as visualisation, logical thinking, problem solving, task persistence and working co-operatively.

In this workshop session you will:

• Learn about the Bee-bot experiences of teachers and students in Parramatta Diocesan schools

• Take a Bee-Bot Challenge – work in a small team to plan a journey then program your Bee-Bot to solve the problem.

• Sample the Bee-Bot simulation software

• Work in a small group to design a cross curriculum learning sequence using the Beebot

• View and contribute your learning sequence to the Bee-Bots Downunder Blog

• Preview the Pro-bot, the Bee-bot’s big brother, which is fully programmable with distance and degrees of turn and has inbuilt light, sound and touch sensors

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Cherie said...

The Bee-bot's made an appearance at the recent MANSW conference in Port Macquarie as well. They stole the show at a Technology in Mathematics K-2 session. Famous little bots.