Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bee-bot Journeys at Sacred Heart Primary

Last Thursday I had a wonderful Beebot lesson with some Year 1 children from Sacred Heart Primary School. We shared a procedural recount of a Bee-bot Journey and then deconstructed the text to locate the prepositional phrases indicating location or direction. The Bee-bot is a fantastic tool for teaching about prepositions in a meaningful context for ESL learners.

The students then jointly constructed a story map of "Bertie Bee-bot" and wrote the instructions to program the Bee-bot. We then tested our plan and of course it worked!!!!

The students then worked in pairs to construct their own Beebot Journeys using various Character Cards and Place cards to create a story map before programming their Bee-bots to take the trip. Below is an example from one pair of students.

The resources from this lesson are also available here

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I am a Prep teacher in Queensland. Thank you for sharing your resources and your great lesson plan. We have been working on position words a lot this term and I have introduced the Bee Bots which my students just love.