Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Some new Bee-bot Fans

My bee-bots are currently visiting the Year 1 students of Holy Family Primary at East Granville.

Over the next few weeks the students and teachers will be using the Bee-bots as part of their Mathematics lessons as they investigate representing Position in the Space & Geometry strand. We will also be exploring measurement concepts by estimating the number of steps Bertie Beebot needs to take to cover various distances we would like him to travel.

The Beebots also provide engaging play opportunities which support our Second Language Learners to understand and use locational and directional prepositions. So in planning simple journeys for our Beebot we will be focussing especially on using prepositions to describe the places that Bertie visits eg return from the flowers to the beehive; along the path past the gate

Click here to access the lesson notes from BOX.NET

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bee-bot Journeys at Sacred Heart Primary

Last Thursday I had a wonderful Beebot lesson with some Year 1 children from Sacred Heart Primary School. We shared a procedural recount of a Bee-bot Journey and then deconstructed the text to locate the prepositional phrases indicating location or direction. The Bee-bot is a fantastic tool for teaching about prepositions in a meaningful context for ESL learners.

The students then jointly constructed a story map of "Bertie Bee-bot" and wrote the instructions to program the Bee-bot. We then tested our plan and of course it worked!!!!

The students then worked in pairs to construct their own Beebot Journeys using various Character Cards and Place cards to create a story map before programming their Bee-bots to take the trip. Below is an example from one pair of students.

The resources from this lesson are also available here

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bee-bot Resources for you

Hi everyone

A summary box with lots of the Bee-bots resources. Please let me know if you find them useful.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

What will you call YOUR Bee-Bot?

Welcome back to the school year everyone. I know lots of you are using your Bee-bots in the classroom over the coming weeks. Read in a Blog from Kellet School that the students there in P2 are busy naming their 6 Bee-bots. They have named one of them "Barry"

See http://www.kellettschool.blogspot.com/

I thought you may like to share with us what your Bee-bots are called.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Meet the Bee-Bots at NAVCON2K7

This week we will be offering a workshop at the NAVCON2k7 Conference on the NSW Central Coast. Just to get you in the mood and those visual spatial skills and problem solving skills warmed up try this brainteaser.

Did you work it out? Tricky isn't it - especially if you have to perform the translations mentally - without any concrete materials such as paper cut-outs to manipulate. Come along and share your solutions at our workshop on Thursday September 4th at Gosford. Learn about the Bee-bot, an engaging manipulative, which can help build the skills needed to solve this brainteaser.


Bee-bots are programmable floor toys which provide a “hands on” introduction to control technologies and support literacy and numeracy development in early childhood classrooms. Bee-bots also assist in the development of a range of interdisciplinary skills such as visualisation, logical thinking, problem solving, task persistence and working co-operatively.

In this workshop session you will:

• Learn about the Bee-bot experiences of teachers and students in Parramatta Diocesan schools

• Take a Bee-Bot Challenge – work in a small team to plan a journey then program your Bee-Bot to solve the problem.

• Sample the Bee-Bot simulation software

• Work in a small group to design a cross curriculum learning sequence using the Beebot

• View and contribute your learning sequence to the Bee-Bots Downunder Blog

• Preview the Pro-bot, the Bee-bot’s big brother, which is fully programmable with distance and degrees of turn and has inbuilt light, sound and touch sensors

Friday, September 14, 2007

Bee-Bots at St Nick's

As soon as I pulled Bee-Bots out of the box, the children were intrigued. Their faces were full of wonder and inquisitiveness. They were instantly eager to learn more about these "strange creatures" and the enthusiasm and excitement was very much apparent.

I have used Bee-Bots for several activities - across all K.L.As.

I am currently in the process of devising some more activities and mats to use with Bee-Bots in future.

It was a wonderful opportunity for children to learn more about position and direction and apply this skill in different ways.

I found the Bee-Bots to be especially useful for the children in my "lowest" group - ironically named the Bees - to use as a part of their learning with the Teachers Aide and during their group times.

It provided these children with something a little different which encouraged and stimulated them in their learning, whilst reinforcing various skills along the way. It was mostly used to help them with the following skills ... Talking and Listening Skills, Letter and Sound Recognition, Word Recognition, Language Skills and other cognitive skills such as position, direction, space, comprehension and problem solving.
This reflection was provided by Di Touzell, Kinder teacher "extraordinaire" at St Nicholas Myra, Penrith.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Battle of the dancing robots

On Wednesday 20 June, a troupe of student-built robots strutted their stuff on the dance floor as more than 100students from western Sydney Catholic schools took part in the inaugural Parramatta Diocesan Robodance Challenge .

The students, from years 5 to 8, worked in teams to design, build and program dancing robots with the help of their teachers and engineer Michael Schofield. During the Robodance Challenge, teams were rewarded for their hard work as their robots strutted their stuff on the dance floor.

The teams used costumes and props to enhance their robots’ performances. Students were also encouraged to dance with their robots. Challenge entries included ‘Dancing Queens’ - a dance-off between duelling cheerleaders from Parramatta Eels and Wests Tigers, bootscooting cowboys, Jaws and James Bond.

The students had a wonderful day. Winning teams were awarded beautiful silver Diocesan Student Achievement medals. It is anticipated that many of the teams will compete again at the NSW State Robocup Competition to be held at the University of NSW on 9-10 August.

The challenge is an innovative way to integrate science, technology and creative arts. The students are required to apply their problem solving skills and creativity across a number of subject areas to design, build and program the Robodancers. It is purposeful learning which is also engaging and fun.

So check out the team photos which were taken on the day!